Uganda’s Fintech Eco-System: How Collaboration, Interoperability and Regulation can Facilitate an Inclusive and Robust Digital Economy


Tempered by physical law, which adds a dash of necessity, chance becomes the creative force, the mover and shaker of our universe. All the beauty we see around us, from galaxies to sunflowers is as a result of this collaboration between chaos and necessity” – Peter M. Hoffmann, Life’s Ratchet: How Molecular Machines Extract Order from Chaos (New York: Basic Books, 2012)

Uganda is a landlocked country in east-central Africa, situated north and northwest of Lake Victoria and has a total area of 236,040 sq. km (91,136 sq. mi). Uganda was conferred the title, Pearl of Africa as if to conversely ratify a collaboration between chaos and necessity present in 36,330 sq. km (14,027 mi) of inland fresh water and the 19,000 sq. km of picturesque national parks and wildlife reserves. Her population of 46.3 million people, as at January 2021, boasts of an adult literacy rate of 76.53% and internet penetration as at January 202, of 26.2% (12.16 million users).

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