Museveni rap song application accepted


PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni application to copyright his song, “You want another rap” has been accepted.

In the Uganda Gazette of December 3, the registrar of copyright, Mercy Kyomugisha Ndyahikayo, also gave the public 60 days to object to the application.

“Any person intending to object to the application for registration of copyright or neighbouring rights may file a letter of objection with this office within 60 days from the date of this notice” reads the notice.

Museveni, through his lawyers, Karuhanga, Tabaro and Associates, made the application on October 26.

Museveni, who is contesting for the presidency as the NRM flag-bearer, first performed the song at a Youth Convention dinner at State House, Entebbe on October 9.

The song in the Runyakole dialect incorporates modern musical beats and traditional folk lyrics.

It has generated excitement, especially NRM party supporters, and telephone companies offering it as ring tone for subscribers.

The application has, however, raised objections from several people, who argue that for one to copy-right a piece of art, they must have originated it, or at least have had substantial improvement on the original composition.

“Museveni has not added a single word to the rhymes. He has not even added any new lyrics, except the English words at the end, which are actually not part of the song but mere comments” said Makerere University historian, Mwanbutsya Ndebesa.

According to the copyright law, when an individual or company is granted copyrights it means that piece of work becomes private property. Another person can only use it with permission from the author or composer.