Lawyers: Aide’s Plea Doesn’t Infer Guilt on Kabafunzaki

The State Minister for Labor, advice Employment and Industrial relations, physician Herbert Kabafunzaki has expressed relief after being released today on bail by the Anti-corruption Court.

The Minister is was Tuesday charged with two counts of corruption contrary to Section 2 (a) and Section 26 of the Anti-Corruption Act, cost 2009 and one count of conspiracy contrary to Section 390 of the Penal Code Act.

Kabafunzaki urged Ugandans through the media after his release to, “Let the law take its course; the Lord is with me.”

Kabafunzaki was told to return to Court for mention of his case on April 19 and the same day Court will be determining sentence to his aide, Brian Mugabo who pleaded guilty to abetting the same crimes.

Kabafunzaki’s through his lead lawyer, Kenneth Muhangi reaffirmed that together with the family, they will make sure that they comply with the Court bail requirements and ensure that they are fulfilled so that the Minister receives justice and his name is cleared.

“As the defense team we are happy with the team that was carrying out investigations in Jinja, they were very professional and didn’t go beyond the beyond the 48 hour rule,” Muhangi said.

On the submission of the Minister’s personal assistant, Mugabo who pleaded guilty to the case, Muhangi said that this doesn’t infer guilt to the Minister.

“He (Mugabo) was not and he is not a personal assistant and I still maintain that it is the job of the prosecution to prove the case beyond the shadow of a doubt; before they do that we have not seen the evidence they have and I am confident with what my client told me and he maintains that he is innocent,” Muhangi told the media.

“There are many reasons why one would plead guilty but that doesn’t infer guilt on another person, it is up to the prosecution to actually go further to prove that.”


Lawyers: Aide’s Plea Doesn’t Infer Guilt on Kabafunzaki