Core Expertise

Sustainability & ESG

At KTA Advocates, our Sustainability Department is dedicated to leading in sustainability, enhancing reputational strength, and driving long-term value through our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. We go beyond compliance to seize opportunities and guide clients through the complex landscape of ESG and Sustainability issues with unparalleled expertise and innovative strategies.

Services Offered:

Our Sustainability Department offers comprehensive services tailored to empower clients within the ESG and Sustainability framework. From policy lobbying and risk management to sustainability consulting, we guide businesses in adopting sustainable practices and navigating the legal complexities of engaging in the carbon trading sector in Uganda.

Client Portfolio: 

Some clients we have worked with in our Sustainability Practice include businesses looking to adopt sustainable practices and companies seeking guidance on ESG and Sustainability issues. Our track record of success, backed by significant cases and client testimonials, showcases our ability to exceed expectations and deliver results that align with our client’s corporate values and goals.