Core Expertise

Geographical Indications/Certified Trademarks

The passing of the Geographical Indications Act, 2013 gave an opportunity for commercial exploitation of handicrafts industry and products from communities whose peculiar characteristics are determined by the environment from which they are produced or grown.

KTA is presently advising the government and community that rares the Ankole Cow breed on creating a geographical indication or certified trademark of the products of the Ankole Cow, for commercial exploitation. A rare breed with low cholesterol, withstanding drought and hard conditions, its products, milk and meat, ghee and cow horn will be able to fetch a premium price when a traceability system is established as its qualities are pristine and found nowhere else.

The Firm has advised on Geographical Indications for Pepa Yam, Kola nut and cocoa as well as Kente cloth for the governments of Nigeria and Ghana respectively.