Law Clerk

Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law Development Centre


At least 1 years’ working experience in a Law Firm.
Please note: Due to the specific sectors we work in, only candidates with valid work experience in a Law Firm will be considered. We regret that will not accept applications outside of this area.

Essential Information

The clerk will be responsible for organizing and maintaining records. He/she will also perform other administrative or clerical duties, such as making copies, ordering supplies and handling mail, filing court documents, serving court documents, following up on court matters, fixing court dates.

Overall Description

The clerk will be responsible for following a filing system and organizing records, such as letters, legal documents, case files, correspondence, invoices and memoranda according to that system. He/she will locate and retrieve requested files, as well as prepare legal document indices, file folders and labels. They will be responsible for keeping files up-to-date.

In addition to filing, legal file clerks may perform other clerical duties, such as handling mail, faxing, using a copy machine, maintaining a calendar, managing office equipment and ordering supplies.

Other core responsibilities will include:
  • Search for and study legal documents to investigate facts and law of cases, to determine causes of action and to prepare cases;
  • Prepare affidavits, hearing notices & other court documents and maintain document files and case correspondence;
  • Research and analyze law sources to prepare drafts of briefs or arguments for review, approval, and use by attorney;
  • Review and file pleadings, petitions and other documents relevant to court actions;
  • Deliver or direct delivery of court pleadings/documents to witnesses and parties to action;
  • Serve copies of pleas to opposing counsel;
  • Arrange transportation and accommodation for witnesses if required;
  • Store, catalog, and maintain currency of legal volumes;
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by the partners from time to time during the course of employment.
Additional job duties of a clerk will include:
  • Using a range of office software, including email, spreadsheets and databases;
  • Managing filing systems;
  • Developing and implementing new administrative systems, such as record management;
  • Writing reports for senior management and delivering presentations;
  • Attending conferences and training;
  • Scheduling attorney and client meetings

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Position: Law Clerk

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February 22, 2019